Artist Statement

My practice function as a form of self mapping, taking the process of making as self-love and, self-empowering, and is through the repetition and awareness of making that unfold my inner thoughts and  allow myself to heal. I’m interested in the examination of emotions and how they manifest themselves visually. By exploring magical realism through the dualities and conflict of the human condition my work positions itself to experiment between intuitive processes and moments that evoke nostalgia, fantasy, and narrative. I’m attracted to the “why” of things, those elements below the surface that are expressed through the exterior. 

I employ painting as my central medium as a challenge to push the boundary with in the frame to examine emotions by lay them all out on one surface, while my artistic decisions are based on a methods of destruction and reconstruction – a process that I view as re-considering the conventions of figurative painting through a pursuit of abstraction. 

Luminous light has become a more important visual element in my painting, ( the use of glow in the dark ) to emphasize not only underlying dualities but extends itself to open another dimension of visual experience. as well as the use of gold, the reflective nature of metallic paints gives a sense there is always "light in shadow” to create a space in which viewers can mirror on themselves through a meditative, self examination/ exploratory experience, as much as on the image, and to settle into a state of self awareness and to feel as if they are being seen and valid.